Series: Israel Innovation in the times of Corona: Aura Air

Amidst all the negative and very sad impacts of COVID-19 on the lives of people around the world, the crisis has had one positive affect. – With reduced mobility and fewer vehicles on the road, pollution levels in cities have significantly decreased which has manifested into cleaner, fresher and healthier air for our lungs.

Air quality is what we will be focussing on in today’s series.

The company Aura Air invented a unique and advanced air purification system which ensures the highest indoor air quality. While we started with a reference to the external air quality, not many people would know that it is actually the indoor air quality which may be more important for our health and well-being, as the indoor air is usually five times more polluted than the air outside. With most of us spending 90% of our time inside, every breath we take is influencing our overall health more than we may realize.

Aura Air’s air purifier offers a truly complex solution which filters and disinfects indoor air through a unique 5-stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time. Data and personalized user behaviour are analysed to provide practical analytics and actionable insights. While keeping users informed of the conditions inside their home, Aura also monitors outdoor air quality, providing a holistic picture of today and what’s to come tomorrow. Aura filters and disinfects indoor air through a complex purification process. When hazards are detected, Aura informs users, providing crucial intelligence as to the origin of the problem and solutions on how to improve it.

For more information please visit the AuraAir’s website and watch the following video.


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