Series: Israel Innovation in the times of Corona: Windward – The Ship Must Go On

The continuity of global trade and supply are essential to overcoming the current health crisis and its economic repercussions. Over the last few years Israeli innovation and AI capabilities have turned to the maritime industry and are helping bring global shipping to the 21st century. Now, with COVID-19, these solutions are important more than ever.

Windward is one such company. See below a message from their CEO Ami Daniel.

“Watching this global pandemic unfold, I recognize that we have a responsibility to do what we can to help us through this.

We’ve decided to publicly share our data and insights through a new interactive map, so that everyone – from researchers, to ports, to governments to health officials – can get a steer on ships heading their way, and enable them to effectively collaborate towards finding the balance between safeguarding public health and keeping trade flowing.

Covid 19 map with frame

This is the time all stakeholders in the maritime ecosystem need to quickly become data-driven to continuously enhance awareness of the situation. More than anything, we hope this live map will enable everyone to see that even in the face of COVID-19, the global shipping industry maintains its critical role in ensuring supplies continue to come in. The maritime ecosystem is strong, and together, we’re stronger.

The map is embeddable and shareable. Reach out, comment and share your insights.

Would love to hear your ideas on how we can work better together to enhance collaboration between industry and government and encourage a data driven discussion. Here are some initial thoughts from a maritime and trade perspective:

Op-ed: Coronavirus crisis – Don’t underestimate danger to ports and shipping from COVID-19
Blog: The ship must go on

Fair winds and following seas,

Ami Daniel


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