Series: Israeli Innovation in the times of Corona: SensoGuard – Security at home and in key business premises

SensoGuard Ltd. is a technology-focused company in fields of seismic buried security systems.  SensoGuard  develops manufactures and sells a wide range of security and IoT products and solutions for detecting and alerting unauthorised entry/intrusion to defined territory/premises.

After years of experience and over 25 countries serving customers from private sector, installers, integrators, law enforcement agencies, and, defense forces/companies worldwide, we take pride in our successful global installations which serve to protect: National borders, Prisons and detention centers, Critical facilities, Agricultural fields, Private homes, and more.

Undetectable and immune to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions, these sensing solutions don’t require infrastructure and can operate for years with the same batteries. offering an easy to use tool to ensure outdoor security.

Read more about SensoGuard Company Profile and if you are a distributor, a wholesaler or an entity working with law enforcement, please get in touch.

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