ONYX Radience – Face Masks Combined With Skin Care

The COVID-19 crisis prompted many people around the world to start wearing masks to protect themselves and their loved ones from the highly infectious virus. While businesses focusing on manufacturing antiviral masks flourish, with much creativity sometimes being put into their layout, the company ONYX Radiance has already long before the crisis been focusing on the skin benefits of wearing a face mask everyday.

ONYX Radiance developed a Silver-ion mask which offers superior defense against hazardous microorganisms but also improves the skin. Silver ions have been shown to exhibit significant skin-healing powers in clinical studies, promoting smoother, softer, and more youthful-looking skin with repeated use. The ONYX antimicrobial delivery system ensures the continuous release of these ions for improved durability and long-term protection. 

Unlike common surgical masks or disposable respirators, ONYX masks infused with antimicrobial silver ions, are fully antibacterial and potentially anti-viral (they still require testing). They are also washable and reusable, made 100% from cotton textile.

Here is an overview of how the masks function, offering a unique skin protection for everyday use:

  • Silver ions mitigate bacterial contamination by paralyzing the enzymatic-protein process of hazarduous microorganisms.
  • At the first stage, the silver ions attach to membranes of the bacterial cells and their pathogens and neutralizes them. The silver ions create holes in the bacterial cells and enable the second stage where the silver ions infiltrate the bacterial cells in a process called endocytosis or cell absorption.
  • Silver ions have significant influence on the process of fibroblast activity as well as the construction of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and are therefore effective in anti-aging treatments.
  • Silver ions have great significance in the process of brightening facial skin blotches, due to its suppression of the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the generation of melanin.
  • Silver ions promotes an improvement in the skin’s feeling and texture.
  • The masks are also potentially anti-viral (under testing)

For more information please visit ONYX’s website.


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