The coronavirus has caused immense damage to the UK’s society and unfortunately it is likely that it will damage the country’s economy a lot more.

The Office for National Statistics calculated that unemployment rose to 2.1 million in April and it is likely that this figure is expected to rise as the months go on.
However, opportunities can arise from unique challenges and we are starting to see a global move towards a Green New Deal as a pathway out of the looming recession. In May, the European Union unveiled a €750 billion green stimulus package and this week the UK Prime Minister announced plans of a “new deal” which include investment in the green sector of the economy.

A Green New Deal would not only help to pave the way to economic recovery but a huge step forward in tackling some of the issues surrounding climate change. Through developing energy storage technologies, electric vehicle mobilization or a focus on energy-efficiency, countries around the world will create more jobs and be the needed push to kickstart the road to recovery.

If companies in the UK are looking for inspiration or help on their green ventures then look no further than Israel. With over 380 clean tech and renewable companies, Israel is home to some of the most innovative solutions in the green energy sector:

Solarwat is a clean-energy start-up that has developed a photovoltaic (PV) panel designed to provide high energy yield under most conditions, a long panel lifespan, and power derating within a long life at a lower system cost per watt. SolarWat’s approach aims to eliminate the mismatch effect between PV cells and reducing panel power losses.
Epsilor-Electric fuel specializes in the selection, design, and manufacture of high-end primary rechargeable batteries and chargers. Its patent-pending iron-flow battery offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, safe solution for energy storage.
Seener-G offers a practical and affordable solution for energy management and savings for industrial, retail, commercial, and public facilities.