On Monday 27th July at 2 PM BST, we invite you to join our lively panel discussion on “Strengthening Long-Term Resilience: Israel’s Smart Water Innovation” to explore British and Israeli approaches to some of the challenges that water utility companies are experiencing during this crisis and how smart water innovation is the new path to manage water.

Our panel includes water regulators from both Israel and the UK, along with representatives from water utilities that can discuss the current UK water industry and some of the ways in which the problems it is currently facing can be tackled. After the panel discussion there will be presentations from five Israeli water companies presenting their smart water solutions and how they can be used in the UK water industry.

Among the speakers:

o Ian Pemberton, Principal Engineer at Ofwat
o Rachel Wright, Strategic Advisor to CEO at Ofwat
o Keiron Maher, Innovation Manager at Severn Trent Water
o Danny Lacker, Head of Water Security and Emergency Division at Israel Water Authority
o Sally Levy, CEO of Meniv-Rishon Ltd.

Please register to our webinar here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_-ngjSgPTcJAUbVMMnS8Ys6f8JR0eIKmgLFc6v4p2Xo/edit?ts=5f0c1fb5). We hope to see you among the attendees and encourage you to share it with interested colleagues.