Israeli FashionTech: It’s not just about eCommerce!

As the world moves forward towards a new era of retail many shops are looking further down the line to understand how they can maximise their profits and provide the best experience for their customers.

Shops and businesses have understood that eCommerce has become an essential cog within the fashion market wheel, with millions of consumers purchasing items online. According to eMarketer, online sales in the UK will account for 27.5% of total retail sales by the end of 2020.

However, it is not just within eCommerce where shops are looking to boost revenue but also in other areas of fashion technology where customer retention and satisfaction are vital. The crisis that Covid-19 has had on retail has led to many retailers having to think about new ways of keeping their consumers interested and making sure that real-time analysis is accurate.

In Israel there have been several solutions that help to solve these issues and would really help to bring more innovation to the UK retail market:

AskLily offers a fashion shopping assistant that learns each user’s particular fashion style and preferences in order to help them find the perfect clothing matches. Identifying users’ individual taste, preferred style, and personal profile and collects items from across the web to create a personalized online boutique.
MySize is a technology and big data company with a proprietary technology platform that generates accurate measurements on any smartphone or mobile device. These measurements can be used to improve the consumer journey across multiple channels for a number of markets, including eCommerce, parcel delivery, and do-it-yourself.
Noogata open and secure enterprise-grade platform allows its clients to evaluate the best open-source and commercial AI technologies using their data, assessing traditional accuracy and more advanced ROI metrics, and enables the organizations to navigate the AI landscape with agility and confidence.

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