The scenario: An information security manager’s worst nightmare, a hacker breaches

the security of the organization and disables all existing protection systems.

The challenge: Will the hacker then be able to communicate with other computers on

the network?

2018 – 350 hackers from Israel (including soldiers from elite units) tried and failed

2019 – US hackers tried and failed

2020 – 3500 worldwide hackers, from 16 different countries, tried and failed.

2021 – ?

For the challenge, Cyber 2.0 deploys a network of a few computers, simulating a

company’s network. Every hacker gets access to this network, just as if he/she were

part of the organization. He/she will get a user with admin privilege and password

and can now do whatever he/she wants in the organization. The hacker does not

need to hack the firewall or disable antiviruses.

The only difference between his/her setup and the network computers is that the

company’s software is not installed on his/her computer.

According to the company, no such hacker will be able to communicate with the

other computers on the network.

The fourth challenge will take place on April 21st, has a prize of $100,000, and is open

to hackers from around the world.

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