The Economic and Trade Mission to the UK promotes a wide range of sectors from consumer goods to deep-tech. “Everything from Tahini to Cyber Security”.

Our team of dedicated Trade Officers works closely with Israeli companies as they start or enhance their business in the UK. We handle requests from individual companies and cater to their needs, while we also initiate activities, all year long, that bring together potential partners from both countries.

In addition, the Economic and Trade Mission, is the focal point for trade policy issues relating to trade between Israel and the UK, especially as the UK transitions out of the EU.

Moreover, the Mission supports British organizations, from private and public sectors, as they engage with the Israeli innovation eco-system and helps them scout for Israeli products and solutions that address their needs.

The Foreign Trade Administration’s divisions:

International Trade Policies and Agreements:
Responsible for the advancement and maintenance of international trade agreements.


Service Quality and Knowledge Management:
Promoting the preservation of knowledge, the development of human capital in the organization and the improvement of the quality of service in the Administration.


The International Projects and Financing Division: Offering a range of programs aimed at initiating and intensifying the economic activity of Israeli industry in the international arena.


Export Promotion: Operates to ensure the continued development and expansion of Israel’s export operations in overseas markets.