About Us

The Economic & Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel, London, represents Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry in the UK.

Through a focus on the strengths and requirements of both British and Israeli markets, the Economic & Trade Mission works to develop strategic bilateral partnerships, identifying exciting new opportunities for collaboration in business and trade.

The proactive work of the Economic & Trade Mission is split into several different portfolios or remit areas. Among others, these portfolios include high tech, telecommunications and new media, medicine and life sciences, food and consumer products, water and clean technology, export of services, and homeland security.

Across this range of sectors, the Economic & Trade Mission assembles and leads trade delegations to and from Israel, they co-ordinate meetings between British and Israeli companies at national and international trade events and exhibitions, they organise a variety of events to facilitate introductions between British and Israeli companies, and they assist and advise Israeli companies who are seeking to expand their operations into UK markets.

The Economic & Trade Mission in London is led by the Minister for Trade and Economic Affairs, and is supported by a dedicated team of staff who work to ensure that this department continues to add real value as the foremost experts in connecting British businesses or companies to counterparts, technologies or innovations in Israel.



The Trade & Economic Attaché

In August 2014, Nathan Tsror began his posting as Minister and Head of the Economic and Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in London. In  this role, Nathan is the representative of Israel’s Ministry of Economy in the UK and he is responsible for developing and promoting trade and economic activities between Israel and the UK and Ireland.

Prior to this Nathan spent four years as Director of the Northern European Department in the Ministry of Economy’s Foreign Trade Administration, overseeing the activities of Trade Departments all across Europe.

Before taking up the role of Director of the Northern European Department, Nathan spent four years as the head of the Israeli Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Embassy in Paris, France.  During this period he led the Embassy’s efforts to enhance economic, industrial and trade relations between the two countries.  In Paris, Nathan and his team concentrated particular efforts on developing and enlarging the technological and industrial ties between the two countries in the fields of Life Science, telecommunication, consumer goods etc.

Nathan is a graduate of the Ministry of Economy’s ‘Economic and Commercial Representative Course’ and has spent a total of 14 years so far in the employ of the Ministry.

Nathan was born in Israel in 1964 and he has an MA in International Business and Finance (1997) and an MBA (2001), specialising in computer systems management, from the ‘Michlala Le Minhal’ – the Tel Aviv Administration College.

Nathan is married and has twins.

Our Key Sectors

Whilst the Economic & Trade Mission are pleased to assist in all areas of trade between the UK and Israel, our priority sectors are identified as follows:

High Tech

Over the past two decades, Israel has become world renowned for its innovation, and together with a highly-educated, skilled workforce it is now rated a high-tech centre second only to Silicon Valley in California.  Many of the top multinational corporations have already recognised Israel’s capabilities by establishing subsidiaries and research and development centres.

Activities: Facilitate meetings between UK and Israeli businesses at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and IBC, sending technology journalists to Israel. Ongoing events in the UK promoting Israeli high tech. Promotion of Israeli events such as HTIA Conference (High Tech Industry Association), Jerusalem, May.

Clean Technology

Since its foundation in 1948, Israel has placed great emphasis on conserving energy wherever possible, developing innovative, alternative and sustainable solutions to combat the nation’s lack of natural resources. The Israeli sustainable energy industry is today considered a global pioneer thanks to breakthrough technological innovations in the fields of solar and geothermal, as well as bio-mass, wind and wave energy.

Activities: Promotion of delegations to and from the UK, promotion of Israeli Events such as Eliat Eilot. Ongoing assistance provided to Israeli clean-tech businesses entering the UK market.


The Israeli water industry is today recognised as a global leader in the water arena thanks to breakthrough technological innovations in areas such as desalination, drip irrigation and water security. Remarkably, Israel’s total water consumption has remained nearly the same since 1964, in spite of a growing population and agriculture. This feat has been enabled through improved efficiency and technological innovation. In fact, Israel reclaims almost 75% of its reused effluents in agriculture.

Israel’s expertise in areas such as water security, water management and leak detection and prevention are of increasing relevance to the UK industry. Recently there have been numerous examples of Israeli and British companies working together to provide clean, safe water to the UK.

Activities: Assembling a delegation to Watec 2011 (November, Tel Aviv), in addition to general promotion of the event. Ongoing delegations into and out of the UK.

Life Sciences

The pace of innovation, development and growth within Israel’s Life Sciencessector is unparalleled and represents one of the country’s most impressive opportunities for economic and industrial expansion. Built on a foundation of academic excellence, a highly skilled workforce, entrepreneurial spirit and cutting-edge technological innovation, Israel has rapidly evolved into a recognized world leader for breakthroughs in medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  Israel is considered to be the second largest supplier of medical device solutions worldwide and is at the leading edge of innovation and creativity in all fields of medicine.

Activities: Facilitate meetings between UK and Israeli businesses at Medica. Promotion of Israeli events such as BioMed. Ongoing events in the UK promoting Israeli Life Science.

Homeland Security

As a top national priority, Homeland Security in Israel is more than just an exportable commodity. Israel’s self-reliance has created a diversified and cutting edge security industry, adding innovation to existing technologies as well as developing new ones. Israel today has earned its worldwide reputation for providing leading security solutions and continues to successfully partner with key world players to protect airports, seaports, government offices, financial institutions, recreational centres, international events and more.

Activities: Organising delegations to the Paris Air Show and to ISDEF. Ongoing activities to assist two way dialogue and interactions.

Food and Drink

Once known exclusively for its fresh citrus produce and processed citrus products, Israel is now renowned for its vibrant, fast-growing food and beverage industry.  European, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines blend to create a diverse array of original Mediterranean-style foods, most of which are kosher certified.  Israel’s dynamic food and beverage industry produces gourmet foods, high quality ingredients, and a rich ethnic cuisine. In addition to Israel’s signature produce, the country has also earned a reputation for producing innovative and quality ‘free-from’ and health conscious foods as well as a celebrated collection of fine gourmet wines.

Activities: Facilitate meetings between UK and Israeli businesses at the international conferences SIAL and Anuga (each take place on a Biannual basis). Ongoing activities to assist Israeli businesses promote their products e.g. wine tastings etc.