The World of Medicine is Changing

Tell me what you’d say if you woke up one morning, weren’t feeling well, looked into your smartphone camera for under a minute and an app confirmed you were sick and instantly messaged
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WEBINAR REPLAY: ‘The Future of UK Healthcare’ is now availible!

If you missed out on yesterday’s webinar on the ‘Future of UK Healthcare post COVID-19′, we have good news for you! A reply is available on this following LINK.  We would like to thank
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Series: Israeli Innovation – Advanced Thermometer Temple Touch ProTM by Medisim

Thermometers have always constituted an indispensable part of home first aid kits, helping families to identify fever or to uncover the onset of an illness. However, more importantly, continuous temperature monitoring plays a vital role
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OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference (June 22, at 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 6-9 p.m.)

Join us at OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference The OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference will connect startups, capital, and people online.  Featuring top speakers, unusual content, direct access to startup entrepreneurs, and outstanding networking, the Conference will
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WEBINAR: Digital Health Nation COVID-19 Response – 10th June 2020 (9-10 a.m., London)

Take part in the special webinar ‘Digital Health Nation COVID-19 Response‘. This online live event will focus on the high impact solutions from Digital Healthcare and Remote Medical Care which help to protect medical staff and
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WEBINAR REPLAY AVAILABLE – Medical IoT Cyber Protection in the age of COVID-19 from 21st April

If you had missed this intriguing webinar showcasing the best practices Israel employed in the field of Medical IoT Cyber Protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, here is good news! A replay available here:
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Israel – Digital Health Innovation Hub Tender

The Israel Innovation Authority in collaboration with the National Israel Digital Initiative at the Ministry of Social Equality, announces the opening of a competitive process to select one franchisee who will set up a digital
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Invitation to Webinar: Medical IOT Cyber Protection in the age of COVID-19

These extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions, and that is why the The Israeli Economic Missions, Cyber Israel and The Israeli Export Institute are organising a global webinar showcasing the best practices Israel has in the
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Series: Israel Innovation in the times of Corona: Elder Care and Independence Solutions

The global coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted the lives, the livelihoods, and the wellbeing of billions of people worldwide – but no group is more vulnerable to COVID-19 itself, or to the loneliness and sense
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Series: Israel Innovation in the times of Corona: Aura Air

Amidst all the negative and very sad impacts of COVID-19 on the lives of people around the world, the crisis has had one positive affect. – With reduced mobility and fewer vehicles on the road,
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