The Startup Nation is more than just a place; for Israel, it’s also a mentality. Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit have infused virtually every industry in the country, from agriculture to cyber, and drones are no exception.

Long before the world was abuzz over the many applications of drone technology — from situational awareness for first responders to on-demand dinner delivery — Israel was pioneering drone tech’s ascent. Drawing on its decades-long history of UAV manufacturing and the resources of the Startup Nation’s diverse tech ecosystem, Israel stands uniquely poised to take drone tech to new heights.

As the world’s top exporter of drones, Israel is globally recognized for its leadership in the sector, and the country is soaring to success in the field with innovative solutions across industries. With more than 60 drone tech startups, Israel is bringing new efficiencies to industries from agriculture to construction to e-commerce and much more.

What does Israeli innovation in drone technology look like? Here’s a look at a few companies on the cutting edge:

  • Founded in 2013, Flytrex is a pioneering drone delivery company that garnered worldwide attention in 2017, when the company partnered with the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík to launch on-demand food delivery in the city. This spring, the company announced a partnership with the state of North Carolina, as part of a Federal Aviation Administration pilot program, with an eye toward accelerating drone deliveries across the U.S.
  • With backing from prominent business leaders including Mark Cuban and former Citibank and TimeWarner chair Richard Parsons, Percepto operates autonomous drones for inspection and surveillance, with applications in a variety of sectors, including energy and agriculture. Drones are operated via cloud software, feeding their computer vision and sensor technologies back into operators’ systems to provide real-time monitoring.
  • Engineers, general contractors, owners, and real estate developers rely on SiteAware’s autonomous drones to monitor projects and provide full situational awareness to aid site management. Leveraging 3D data, SiteAware’s high-resolution imagery generates accurate assessments and actionable insight for customer projects, helping optimize project management.

Israel’s strengths in other technological realms have been indispensable to the development of its drone tech sector. For instance, RealSense, an arm of Intel Israel, harnesses machine vision, chips, and 3D technology to develop sophisticated 3D vision capabilities — a boon to the quality and accuracy of real-time drone surveillance.

Whether it’s U.S. first responders using drones to enhance their rescue missions and save lives or a real estate investor monitoring the status of a key investment project, Israeli drone technology has delivered tremendous value to users throughout the world. Its next delivery? It may just be that pizza you’re craving.

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