It is with great pleasure that we invite you to WATEC 2019. This year we leverage Israel’s global position as ‘the water start-up nation’ to jolt forward water technology for generations to come.

The focus of WATEC 2019 is “Water Stewardship and Innovation – driving global leadership in the responsible planning management, and protection of water”.

Being home to such a vibrant water technology ecosystem, it only makes sense that Israel plays host to many of the industry’s top conferences. A prime example of which is the upcoming WATEC Israel 2019 conference taking place November 18-21 at Tel Aviv’s David Intercontinental hotel.

This year, 2,500 global experts, executives and influencers from 90 countries will gather alongside leading speakers and 80 exhibitors. Attendees will forge productive partnerships and connections, explore new innovations in water technology and outline a bold vision for the industry’s future. Incredibly, the path to global water security leads straight into the desert.

Stay tuned for additional info!

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