Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has announced a new cooperation with Telesofia Medical, an Israeli-founded New York-based startup focused on interactive patient educational videos, for a new personalized telemedicine program that will help cancer patients and oncologists with at-home monitoring and treatment between visits.

The Sheba Medical Center said the program, co-developed by Dr. Benjamin Boursi, a cancer specialist in Sheba’s Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy Department, “will enable cancer patients to quickly reach their doctors and get personalized feedback via video within the comfort of their own homes.”

The program will allow patients to report progress and side effects in real-time to their oncologists, after which tailor-made videos based on doctor instructions will then appear on their phones.

“The technology has the potential to increase patient empowerment, reduce unnecessary medical complications and increase treatment efficiency,” the medical center said in a statement.

“One of the biggest challenges for doctors is the absence of interaction with their patients in between visits,” said Dr. Boursi in a hospital statement. “A lot of critical information about the patients’ welfare, especially if they are taking medications, can fall through the cracks until their next visit. This personalized program, which is part of the digital/telemedicine revolution at Sheba, will provide us with vital information, as well as create a new bridge between doctors and their patients.”

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