Honey is in the culinary spotlight in Israel. Tradition and recipes galore call for this golden viscous elixir as a main ingredient.

Colony collapse disorder and bee die-offs are a global problem, according to the Greenpeace non-governmental environmental organization. But in Israel, honeybee populations maintain stable numbers thanks to agriculture research, technology initiatives and a national strategy to plant nectar-rich seedlings annually.

It’s a good thing the honeybees are kept happy and busy as it is customary to eat apples and challah dipped in honey to symbolize a sweet year ahead. And Israelis take this ritual very seriously.

Israelis consume 250 grams of honey per person in the Hebrew month of Tishrei, during the High Holiday festivals. According to the Israeli Honey Production and Marketing Board, on average, Israelis consume 600 grams of honey per person during the whole year.

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