“Massive events pose an inherent risk for human lives due to malicious activities by hostile parties. The use of drones has increased dramatically concurrently with their growing capabilities and availability. In addition to public events, drones may be used to damage sensitive facilities or other aircraft or for collecting intelligence, smuggling and even for carrying munition. They are hard to detect due to  their small size and slow, low-altitude flight.

ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has won a major contract to provide the Drone Guard system for detection, identification and disruption of UAV and drone to Argentina. Drone Guard, which sold hundreds of units around the world to date, features an integrated sensor system: flying objects detection radar, dedicated COMINT system that identifies the drone by its transmission frequency and unique protocol (using the information to verify the target and reduce false positive rates) and a camera identification confirmation of the detected object

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