We are glad to share with you the sample of the Israeli abilities and know-how of the thriving Agro-technology sector.

Let us kindly introduce the companies provided the emergency agriculture solutions to extend products shelf life


Post-harvest Solutions for Fruits and Vegetables

Safepack Products – Decco Israel provides fruit and vegetable producers with customized solutions and expertise in coatings, fungicides, cleaners, sanitizers, growth regulators, and anti-scald products for post-harvest and storage. The company also provides equipment and services to packing houses, including monitoring of fungicide residues, fungal assays, and resistance management.

Eco Pack Green Box

Eco-friendly Food Packaging Systems

Eco Pack Green Box has developed and patented an easy-to-use, fully customizable, eco-friendly packaging system designed to replace traditional cardboard and plastic crate packaging.
The Eco Pack system consists of a plastic frame and two lightweight plastic sleeves that are easily assembled to create an economical, multipurpose, recyclable box. The company markets the system to carton manufacturers and distributors for resale to fresh produce, retailers, farmers, and agricultural exporters.


Evigence Sensors creates solutions for the freshness lifecycle across a wide range of perishable products and for the benefit of stakeholders in the brand-through-consumer delivery chain.
By moving away from the use-by date system and developing the next generation of visual freshness sensors, the company empowers handlers and users to make more-informed decisions about the freshness of their products, helping to reduce waste, save money, and increase their enjoyment and overall experience.

Hefestus Technologies

Food Packaging and Sealing Solutions

Hefestus Technologies specializes in the development of food packaging machines and advanced packaging solutions. The company uses its patented Shelf Life Booster (SLB) technology to significantly extend product shelf life, and its machines and SLB sealing heads are sold and distributed worldwide.
Hefestus offers an extensive line of products to fit any packaging need, including semi-automatic machines and linear and rotating machines. The machines are manufactured in accordance with customer requirements and tailored to be compatible with power supplies in their destination countries.

Post-harvest solutions

Packaging Solution for Fruits and Vegetables

Post Harvest Solutions is the developer of ZoePac, a packaging and processing technology for produce that aims to provide optimal atmospheric regime, relative humidity, and antimicrobial properties for maximum preservation of product condition and quality.

Antimicrobial Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Resorcix specializes in providing solutions and product development to address bacteria in the food and beverage industry. Its antimicrobial approach is designed to allow products to reach a longer shelf life with no spoilage.
The company’s technology is environmentally friendly and based on the medicinal chemistry of natural products. The Resorcix research project explores a natural anti-spore-forming bacteria agent for use in the natural beverage industry to expand the potential shelf life to that of other food industry products, such as chocolate and meat.

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