We are continuing to inform about the state of the art innovative Israeli companies accepting the challenge and helping to prolong shelf life of food products.

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R.O.P. www.rop-ltd.com
Polypropylene Films and Bags for Produce
R.O.P develops and manufactures smart packaging for fresh produce, providing
film and bags based on blends of PP, PE, and PA. The company’s film-casting
technology (between 12 mu to 170 mu), slitting and perforating (0.3 mm to 13
mm), printing, and bag converting are all housed under one roof.
R.O.P’s ExtendCast Modified Atmosphere and Humidity Packaging (MAP) films,
box liners, and retail bags are designed to improve shelf life, appearance, and
nutritional value. Each ExtendCast product is tailor engineered for a specific
fruit, vegetable, or herb based on its respiration characteristics, water-loss rate,
mass, and post-harvest processes.
The company’s ultra-thin MA film addresses the challenges that still exist with
MAP, including packaging cost, operation, and environmental impact. Its
ExtendCast MAP packaging for extending the shelf life of fresh produce is
offered in bags or rolls for automatic packaging.
R.O.P’s packaging provides increased food safety and performance to optimize
the condition of the produce within. The company’s film requires less than 50%
of the packaging material used in other existing bulk-packaging methods.

Save Foods

Eco-friendly Solutions to Ensure Food Safety and Shelf Life
Save Foods has developed a line of eco-friendly sanitizing solutions for
fresh produce. Its products provide effectiveness against human
pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria as well as plant
pathogens, and help to extend the shelf life of produce.

Save Foods uses hydrogen peroxide together with food ingredients, and
the active ingredients in its products do not leave any hazardous residue
on treated produce. Its solutions also reduce the need for additional
post-harvest applications of conventional chemical bactericides and

The company’s products are designed for post-harvest use in packing
citrus, avocados, papayas, mangoes, potatoes, and sweet potatoes; for
the food industry, including for fresh-cut produce, fresh salads, and
processed foods. Additional applications include use in greenhouses.


Modified Humidity Packaging for Produce

StePac develops and manufactures high-quality, precision-engineered
modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) packaging for fresh
produce. Tailor-made for each specific type of vegetable, fruit, or herb,
StePac ensures an extended shelf life while maintaining the freshness,
flavor, and nutritional value of produce.
The polymers of the company’s Xtend MA/MH packaging are engineered
to allow the produce inside the bag to equilibrate within the specific
range of O2 and CO2 concentrations required by the particular fruit or
vegetable. Xtend slows senescence (aging), maintains the nutritional
value and flavor of produce, reduces decay, preserves firmness, and
prevents shriveling.
StePac also manufactures CARERITE sterilization packaging, a line of
infection-control barrier films and sterilization bags designed for
medical, dental, and veterinary clinics.


Protective Edible Coatings for Fruits and Vegetables
Sufresca develops edible coatings for produce, facilitating longer shelf
life and reducing post-harvest loss and waste. Sufresca’s coatings are
tailored to each targeted fruit or vegetable using specific liquid
formulations suitable for both traditional and organic agriculture.

The company’s initial focus is on crops for which no post-harvest edible
coating currently exists, such as tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and
pomegranate arils.


Dynamic Barcodes for Assessing Product Freshness

Varcode develops technology for continuous cold-chain monitoring for
perishables such as food and medicine. The company’s technology

provides a dynamic barcode, barcode readers, and a dashboard for up-
to-date transportation information.

Varcode’s FreshCode is a barcode that changes according to time and
temperature conditions. Distributors can scan the code and determine
how well their goods have been preserved throughout the
transportation process.
FreshCode’s data helps distributors determine the most appropriate use
of each delivery and whether it is in optimal condition, should be sold at
a discount, or must be returned. The FreshCode system also includes the
FreshCode Management System, a cloud-based SaaS for reports and
alerts. FreshCodes can be read by specialized scanners as well as by most