Why do Israeli water technologies suit to Ukraine and how to benefit from it

According to the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, water resources of Ukraine has 63 119 rivers with a total length of 206.4 thousands km, average annual runoff reaching 87.1 billion cubic meters of water; about 20,000 lakes; 27 estuaries; 1116 reservoirs from water volume over 1 million cubic meters, groundwater reserves are 20.9 billion cubic meters. Despite of its apparent sufficiency, Ukraine is facing an acute shortage of quality water. “Ecological condition of the most of the water sources leave something to be desired.” – environmental reports say.  Mostly this situation caused by the contamination of water source with harmful emissions and insufficiently purified industrial and household wastewater, intensive aging of water supply and water treatment fixed assets, low productivity of treatment facilities, insufficient self-healing and self-cleaning ability of water systems etc. originating on the one hand from the old USSR standards that do not correspond to modern realities and requirements, on the other hand, due to worn out communications and insufficient funding in the water supply industry, even these standards in many ways are not executed.

 After choosing the European course for economic development, reform of the water sector was launched last year in Ukraine. Reform provides for a change in approach to water management at all levels. The work in this direction has just begun and will last some time.

In this regard, on the 25 of September 2019 the Trade and Economic Mission of the State of Israel to Ukraine, Ministry of the Economy and Industry of the State of Israel, held the professional seminar and round table “Israeli miracle: Israeli Water Management Experience, the possibilities for the bilateral cooperation between Israel and Ukraine”.

 The representatives of the Ministry of communities and territorial development, scientists, governmental authorities, water supply, public and private companies from different sectors of economy (agriculture, water, oil and gas etc.) gathered to learn from the Israeli experience.

 The event was opened by the H.E. Ambassador of the State of Israel to Ukraine, Mr. Joel Lion, who inspirational spoke about the relevance and the high interest to the Israeli water technologies from all over the world and how Israeli technologies help to change and improve water industries of the different countries.

 The Head of the Trade and Economic Mission of the State of Israel to Romania and Ukraine, Ms. Bareket Knafo, delivered the interesting and exciting presentation about the Israeli innovative economy and opportunities for bilateral international cooperation opportunities between Israel and Ukraine.

Mr. Grigory Bernshtein, Head of Water Works and Water Production Licensing and Control Department, The Israel Water Authority, Ministry of National Infrastructures, shared the knowledge about the Water Sector of Israel its cutting-edge achievements and innovations, economical management aspects and self financing status and other interesting and relevant topics.

The participants demonstrated a strong interest in the issues discussed. Most of them found very relevant the opportunity to learn more on the Israeli innovation experience during the Watec event, which will take place 18-21 of November in Tel Aviv.

Watec 2019  ( is the ideal platform to maximize exposure, build diverse networks in the industry, remain on the cutting edge and build important connections and networks that will allow for ongoing engagement and global co-operation. 

Trade and Economic Mission of the State of Israel to Ukraine encourages you to send the requests to and to learn more about the opportunities and solutions for solving wide range of water related issues.