Solutions for Business Continuity (2)

Solutions for Business Continuity

We continue today with a few interesting solutions designated to help business continue their activities. No one is taking into account a pandemic situation and any business continuity plan. Thus rapid adaptation is the key for “business as usual” or at least to keep up with the needs of the actual situation.

  • Real Board: Remote worker control in emergencies, SaaS Cloud Environment Using Smartphones Android or iOS

Remotely manage employee attendance through mobile devices and web portal from anywhere and anytime, during the current crisis, which significantly decreases the economic damage to companies

  • Easy Send: A Digital Transaction Management Smart Platform

A DTM platform that creates customer facing digital processes & enabling enterprises to bridge the gap into the digital communications era. From the basic level up to the highest level of smart decision making processes These digital customer journeys are accessible from any device in any medium Defining any digital process in a matter of hours automated with a click of a button and no programming knowledge is required

  • Lightico: Intelligent Real Time Digital Collaboration Platform

Lightico is a leader in omnichannel technologies serving SMEs to large Enterprises across sectors. A real-time digital collaboration platform that enables contact center agents to accelerate sales transactions and service requests. Agents can have customers complete forms, digitally sign documents, collect documents/ID, share images and videos, and process payments via a secure SMS enabled collaboration from their mobile, PC or tablet, and boosting NPS, increasing FCR, and improving operational efficiency.

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