Request for Information (RFI) for government offices on the subject of air conditioning and lighting as a service

The Ministry of Finance, through the Government Housing Authority (hereinafter: the “Client”), examines the possibility of publishing a central tender for the receipt of a merger and lighting in a service model and on the basis of performance indicators determined in advance.

The Government Housing Authority is a body in the Accountant General that is responsible for the construction, rental and management of approximately 6,000 government buildings and apartments, with a total area of 2.5 million square meters.

For an initial review of existing capabilities, a request for information is hereby published. The request includes a preliminary list of services and products that the client is considering to request in the framework of a future tender process (hereinafter – “the requested services”).

All companies in Israel and abroad (hereinafter: “the Respondent”), which provide a service or product that meets the conditions included in the application, are invited to respond to the request for information relevant to the product/service, according to the timetables specified in the application documents.

The response will be made on the response form attached to the relevant application. In the framework of the form, the respondent will be asked to provide general details about him, capabilities, key customers and a preliminary response to the requested services.

For the terms and conditions of the applications, please refer to the website of the Government Procurement Administration at

The response shall be submitted in the binding form appearing in the request. The response will be submitted by e-mail by February 15th, 2019 at 1:00, to the following e-mail address:, Contact: Mr. Avi Blau, Property Division, Procurement, and Logistics Division, Accountant General, Ministry of Finance, Jerusalem.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is emphasized that the full request for information as transmitted to the bidders is binding and this advertisement does not reflect all that is stated in the request for information in its entirety. In the event of a conflict between what is stated in this advertisement and what is stated in the request for information, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

The deadline for filing clarification questions to Mr. Avi Blau ( is until January 17, 2019.