Promoting Digital Health Worldwide

MEDinISRAEL is the flagship event of the Digital Health industry in Israel. Our goal is to promote the use of transformative technology in healthcare for a brighter – healthier – future of society. We do so by bringing the global healthcare ecosystem closer together and creating better alignment and collaboration across borders and sectors. In the course of 4 inspiring days, healthcare community members will come together to enjoy a rewarding experience of taking a firsthand look at outstanding achievements, understanding potential breakthroughs, gaining insights into diverse investment opportunities and sparking productive collaborations.


Israeli Digital Health uniqueness and Prime Time Moment lay in our advanced health system the scope and depth deploying E-Health policy for safetysecurity & quality, a vast array of Tele-health services, 100% EMR at all health facilities for already more than 25 years.


March 2018, approximately NIS 1 billion has been budgeted for the extensive plan which includes technological development, international cooperation, concentrated academic and industrial efforts and regulatory changes to encourage data research to developing the Digital Health Industries of tomorrow.


Israeli Israeli Digital Health Industry has its roots in a long history of using innovative communication technologies to improve healthcare delivery; the power number of active companies has risen substantially in recent years, reaching more than 450 companies as of mid. 2018.

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DIVERSITY is the backbone of Israel’s Medical Device & Digital Health Industry

Diverse Companies Diverse Technological Implementation Diverse Medical Applications.

By the end of the 1990s, Israel was home to more than 200 life science companies. With steady growth over the last decade (some 80 new companies formed each year), Israel has introduced creativity and innovation into the field; today there are over 1500 active companies.

In a relatively short period of time, more than 40 percent of these companies are already generating revenues. Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem creates opportunities for start-ups to become advanced, commercially viable and promising businesses. As proof of the industry’s development, 2017 life science exports reached $8.5 billion, growing steadily since 2010; while a rich pipeline of seed companies promises to perpetuate current growth.

The Largest Sector is Medical Devices and Digital Health (over 70 percent of companies). In the medical device arena, Israeli scientists and engineers have integrated advanced technologies in electronics, communications and electro-optics to develop world-class innovations in Digital ImagingMedical LasersTelemedicineEarly DiagnosticsSmart Surgical Equipment and more. Over 600 medical device exporters engaged in a variety of medical application such as Cardiovascular and Peripheral VascularNeurology and Degenerative DiseasesPreparedness and Emergency MedicineIntensive CareWomen HealthOrthopedics and Sport MedicineGastrointestinalInfection ControlOphthalmologyPainand Wound ManagementOral and Dental CareDermatology and Aesthetics

The digital era opens tremendous opportunities to deliver healthcare services to patients at the comfort of their homes or wherever they are, through any web or mobile device, without requiring a presence of healthcare provider in the loop. For millions of people that live in distance from or in scarcity of healthcare resources and services, the growing spread of smartphones creates new possibilities to improve healthcare services access and quality of life. TelemedicinemHealthWearablesRemote MonitoringElectronic Medical RecordsBig Data AnalyticsInternet of Medical ThingsMedical Apps and others all can be incorporate into Digital Health or Health Information Technologies.

Israeli Digital Health industry has its roots in a long history of using innovative communication technologies to improve healthcare delivery. With more than 30 years of expertise in implementing health IT, electronic medical records and Big Data Analytics; today, our Government keeps investing strongly in IT thus putting Israeli expertise in international demand.

We are proud of the contributions of our gifted innovators at Israeli Medical Industry, which is a truly rewarding combination between Life Sciences and High-end Technologies starting from the design, development, advanced manufacturing integrating innovative materials, systems and technics promoting efficient work of the medical staff, allowing to achieve maximum accuracy in testing and treatment tailored to each patient’s unique profile placing the individual in the center.