Israeli delegation to attend GA logistic summit in 2012

Georgia- a hub for logistics and innovation

The 4th Annual Georgia Logistics Summit is around the corner and offers a great market potential for Israeli companies and industries that support the Logistic sector, from smart packaging, software for managing complex logistic centers , warehousing and tracking, energy efficiency and security, technologies for Agri-products transportation, all of the technologies in which Israel has a world leading position.

The 4th Annual Georgia Logistics Summit is one of the largest in North America and this year Atlanta is also hosting MODEX 2012, the industry’s newest expo for the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain industries.

MODEX 2012 will feature the top solutions and innovations the industry has to offer.

By attending, you will meet over 500 of the leading providers and see their solutions in action. You can also connect and network with industry peers and learn the latest trends and technologies from leading experts in three keynotes, 70 show floor educational seminars and several co-located education partner events.

The Center of Innovation for Logistics that organizes the Summit and the MIHA (Material Handling Industry of America) that is organizing MODEX 2012 are cooperating to allow the best opportunities for participants.

The Israeli Economic Mission to the US Southern Region works to introduce the Israeli industries to the US market in this region. As a part of our focus on the logistics sector, we plan to assist in organizing a delegation of Israeli companies to participate on the upcoming logistic events in Georgia, focusing on creating an environment for the best possible results for participating companies.

The Israeli Economic Mission to the US Southern Region, together with the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Georgia and the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, have been working for the past year in efforts to introduce this unexplored sector to Israeli companies. For the previous Logistic summit in May 2011 we reached out to Israeli companies in the Logistic industry and had a small Israeli participation in the summit. For the upcoming 2012 Summit and the ModEx Exhibition, we have already sent out initial information and updates which we receive from the Georgia Center of Innovation on a regular basis.

Within this activity we initiated a meeting in Israel with Commissioner Chris Cummiskey of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, to meet with Israeli companies. The meeting was hosted by the Israeli company- Verint who based in Herzelia on Nov. 17.

The purpose of this meeting was to have a first- hand presentation of the opportunities in Georgia, focusing on the Logistic sector. This meeting serves as a preparation for an Israeli delegation to the 2012 Summit. Printed material and brochures will also be handed to participants. This activity is part of the schedule we prepared for the Georgia delegation to WATEC, headed by Commissioner Chris Cummiskey, of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

As a result of this meeting, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has offered incentives to Israeli company, Netafim (drip irrigation systems), to have the company establish their logistic center for the east coast in Georgia.

Our office maintains close contact with the Georgia Department for Economic Development and with the Center of Innovation for Logistics in order to create the best conditions for Israeli companies seeking to participate.

To this end we are working in collaboration with organizations that are familiar with the industry in Georgia, which will help in organizing meetings and schedule visits to major logistics centers, which offers the companies an additional program:

• American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, SE Region, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

• U.S Commercial Service, American Embassy Tel Aviv

• Organizations in Israel who assist in reaching out to Israeli companies


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Georgia hosts one of the largest logistics centers in North America and is a major sea, air and land port because of the state’s strategic location.

Georgia has the largest containers terminal in North America and transports the world’s largest commercial cargo. Trucking distance from Georgia to 80% of the US major industrial centers is measured by 2 days and a vast rail network transports cargo to the entire Southern region. Half of the 100 world’s largest logistics companies maintain centers in Georgia. These centers are constantly seeking innovative solutions and advanced technologies for managing, monitoring, and operational cost savings. Israeli technologies can find here many opportunities presenting required solutions.

Georgia’s seamless transportation and logistics network of Air Transportation, Ground Transportation and Sea Ports is unparalleled for its efficiency, innovation and geographical “corner store” location .

Located at the crossroads of north-south and east-west travel in North America, Georgia is a natural launching point from which people and products are quickly transported via air, ground and ocean among the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Nearly 21,000 companies throughout all 50 states rely on the deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick and export to 153 out of 195 countries across the globe. Georgia’s nine general-purpose Foreign Trade Zones across the state provide seamless transport, reducing delays, and in some cases, eliminating tariffs on imported items. Georgia also aids in supporting global trade, investment and connectivity with 10 international offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

It is easy to see why half of the world’s top 100 third party logistics Providers are already located in Georgia



Georgia recognizes logistics as a strategic industry and uniquely one whose multiple sectors affect almost every business every day. As an industry-focused component of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Center of Innovation for Logistics is the state’s leading resource for fueling logistics competitiveness. The Center connects with all logistics sectors to provide a unique combination of access to technology leaders and university R&D, expert analysis of data and trends, cross-sector collaboration and provides a collective industry voice. The result is increased opportunities for industry growth and success.