Israeli companies participating on the Georgia 4th. Logistic Summit Feb. 7-8 and visiting MODEX 2012

The State of Israel Economic Mission to the US Southern Region, together with the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, SE Region, are sponsoring a booth on the Georgia Logistic Summit Opening on Feb 7. The booth is shared by Israeli companies.

Three companies from Israel are participating in the event, sharing the Israel booth #45 and getting the support of our office to organize pre scheduled meetings between the Israeli and relevant US companies that may have interest in their products and may also benefit from the technology and activities additional to the conference program .

Haama Ltd.

Participating: Ms. Keren de-Via, Business and Technical Development Manager

Manufacturing industrial insulation products using advanced technologies for fabric treatment and lamination for industrial use , utilizing three main technologies: Foal lamination, Film lamination and Powder lamination, serving 3 major markets: Apparel, Automotive, Medical Supplies.

Snowhite™, Haama’s innovative insulation brand name, is the result of the company’s exclusive development.

Its user friendly and environmentally friendly character, alongside the comprehensive response it provides for the construction industry has turned Snowhite™ into a leading brand name and an unequivocal stamp of quality.

Interested in:

contact with Logistic companies and climate control supply chain.

StePac L.A. Ltd

Participating: Mr. Udi Aviran, Xsense Commercial Manager

Headquartered in Northern Israel, StePac L.A. Ltd. offers a comprehensive post-harvest approach that helps the fresh produce industry deliver field fresh fruits and vegetables to far away markets around the world. The Technology enables making fresh produce A LOT LESS PERISHABLE.

The system includes:

Xtend® line modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) packaging solutions are custom engineered for each fruit or vegetable type.

Xsense® Cold Chain Monitoring System records temperature and relative humidity from inside produce cartons and provides this information onscreen in real time to users.

The Xsense has been developed with a different approach from the current temperature loggers technologies which are the major technologies that are used in the market. Low cost, automatic processes and tools for pro-activeness (instead of re-activeness) , are the base of the approach.

Interested in:

• potential customers handling a supply chain of climate sensitive products such as food, pharma, sensitive electronics, etc.

• Potential partners for distribution and marketing of the technology.

Raviv ACS Ltd.

Participating: Mr. Jonatan Damri V. P. Supply Chain

Raviv is a world leading expert developer and assembly supplier for the automotive industry. Over close to four decades of continued growth, Raviv has steadily increased its capacity as a developer and supplier of small to mid-size mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive industry, meeting challenging market demands with innovative engineering solutions and providing complete end-to-end solutions handling all stages of design, development, production and delivery.

Raviv couples precision injection molding expertise with high-end assembly and secondary operations. Raviv’s assemblies are based on automatic made-to-spec assembly machines and testing machines, for a wide range of products, at high efficiency and reasonable prices.

The company has 2 logistic and manufacturing sites in Michigan.

Interested in:

• New technologies

• Options of establishing logistic operations in Georgia to service their US customers

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