Israel 5th HLS & Cyber International Conference and Exhibition

Every minute, 25,000 cyber-attacks occur around the world. 10% of those attacks are aimed at Israel. 99.9% of those attacks against Israel fail*. It is no wonder that Israel has become a superpower in the world of cyber.

Biannually, Israel holds an HLS & Cyber international conference and exhibition. This year it will take place between Nov 12-15, 2018 in Tel Aviv. It will showcase Israel’s unique security and cyber defense capabilities to officials and executives from corporations, government, the business sector and academia. They will give insights in to the most updated trends in cybersecurity in the fields of national security, cyber crime, transportation, fintech, manufacturing, enterprise and IOT.

This year we expect 5,000 attendees from 80 countries. 60 speakers and 160 exhibiting companies.

Israel is home to more than 250 cyber companies. One reason Israel became a superpower in the field of cyber is mentioned above (we had no choice..), and another reason is that various governmental agencies partnered together to form the ISRAEL CYBER ALLIANCE which strengthens this industry.

The Israel Cyber Alliance is a professional platform which unites startups, established companies and worldly leaders from Israel.

This special platform was created by the Israel Export Institute, National Cyber Directorate and Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

The Israel Cyber Alliance was formed in order to connect the most promising cyber companies with unparalleled opportunities in the cyber world.

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*According to info provided by the Israeli Export Institute