You thought that Israel is only high-tech and startups? NOPE

PepsiCo bought the Israeli company SodaStream for 3.2 billion dollars. The Israeli company focuses on home sparkling drinks manufacturing.

The cash deal, by the value of $144 per share (11% over the NASDAK price on Friday, August 17th) is to be completed by January 2019. SodaStream’s plants will remain in Israel for at least 15 years.

It is believed that SodaStream compliments PepsiCo’s line of products and their growth strategy. With the world turning towards more sustainable solutions, it is hard to tell what will be the future of aluminum cans. SodaStream is an innovative solution to the can.

Just a few years ago, SodaStream’s marketing strategy was to attack PepsiCo and Coca Cola for using plastic bottles and now we see the two companies working together. Makes you believe that anything is possible…