The Israeli Energy Ministry’s plan to save Israel from Air Pollution

In the year 2040, 13 million people are expected to live in Israel (8.5M live there today) and it is intended to be the most crowded country in the Western Hemisphere. 6.4M vehicles will be on the road polluting the air. The electricity needed will grow twice as much. In order to deal with these challenges, the Government of Israel has conceived the following plan:

The main goal is to reduce the use of polluting gasoline products by 2030.

The plan includes concrete steps and schedules in order to complete a revolution in the energy market within 12 years. Part of this revolution is already taking place: Israel is the second highest country in growth of usage natural gas. Thus, the use of coal has diminished from 60% of the electricity in 2015 to 30% in 2018. We have seen a decrease in air pollution in Israel as a result.

The plan is ambitious, but realistic: total rehabilitation from polluting gases during the next dozen years. Our goal is to reach 80% use of natural gas and 20% renewables by 2030, while closing the coal plants.

In industry: 95% of the energy and steam needed will be from natural gas in 2030.

In transportation: gradual transfer to electric cars and natural gas trucks, and a total ban on importing gas operated cars starting in 2030.

The plan is expected to bring:

  • 60% reduction of air pollution in Israel (which will save the market $650 million per year)
  • Total market savings: $1.65M per year
  • Benefits to the market till 2040: $22.4B