A team visit to TMC

Houston, Texas is home to the largest medical center in the world. Israel, on the other hand, is the startup nation, and has a specific expertise in digital health and medical devices.

It seemed only natural that the Energy and Economic Mission in Houston, Texas would work on bringing these world closer together.

On October 29th the Mission embarked on a study tour to TMC facilities. First we visited the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in order to explore opportunities for Israeli companies.

We met with Dr. Assaf Zinger, a postdoctoral fellow from Israel who is working on regenerative medicine in Dr. Ennio Tasciotti lab. Together, they are transforming the world with a revolutionary process which aims at encouraging the positive cells rather than attacking the sick cells. What is unique about the Methodist hospital is that there is a hallway connecting between the research institute and the hospital. Surgeries taking place at the hospital can get almost immediate attention and assistance from the research institute.

Dr. Tasciotti took us through the labs and demo operation rooms which filled us with ideas and inspiration towards Israeli products that could be implemented in the hospital.

Our next stop was at TMC INNOVATION, the home for all things innovative in TMC. It is home to Jlabs (Johnson & Johnson labs), TMCx (an incubator taking medical startups for 4 months of an intensive program, exposing them to experts from the TMC), AT&T Foundary, TMCx+ (a workspace for advanced startups) and a lot more.

TMC Innovation could be an opportunity for Israeli startups in the field of digital health and medical devices to get their foot in the door regarding connection to the Texas Medical Center.

Now, all we have to do is continue with our matchmaking! For further information you can contact Chandler Waite: or