AAPG Workshop in Israel

On February 26-27, 2019 AAPG (The American Association of Petroleum Geologists) will be holding a workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel on the topic of Exploration and Development of Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Eastern Mediterranean has been considered a hotspot following recent discoveries in Israel, Cyprus and Egypt. In light of Israel’s new bid round, the AAPG workshop is taking place in Israel.

The region is considered to be underexplored, thus witnessing an awakening of E&P activities. The world is still learning and evolving regarding geology and petroleum systems in the region.

New concepts and data, as well as old data, will be examined during the workshop.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the petroleum geology of the East Med together with both academia and industry.

The workshop themes:

  • Depositional and Tectonic Evolution
  • Siliciclastic Systems
  • Carbonate Systems
  • Source Rock, Thermal History and Basin Modeling
  • Advances in Exploration
  • From HC Discoveries to Market
  • New Exploration Opportunities and Frontiers

The organizers include the Israeli Ministry of Energy, Delek Drilling, University of Haifa, Noble Energy, G E Plan Consulting, Delta Energy, Ratio Oil Exploration, Energean, University of Geneva and ENI.

Registration will open in early December 2018 at this link:

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