Israel joins the PPCA, a global agreement to minimize the use of coal

During the climate conference COP24, Israel joined the PPCA initiative, a global coalition committed to reducing the use of coal. By signing the agreement, Israel joined fellow developed countries such as Canada, Britain, France, Denmark and Holland.

The Israeli Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have been leading a policy to reduce the use of coal in order to minimize air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to prevent sicknesses and mortalities.

Israel’s program is to eliminate coal by 2030: Israel’s energy needs will be supplied by renewable energies (to the maximum extent possible) and natural gas.

During COP23 (in 2017) Canada and Britain launched the Powering Past Coal Alliance which encourages the reduction of the use of coal and promotes green growth. 28 countries have joined along dozens of cities, organizations, businesses and corporations from around the world. Being part of the initiative is an excellent opportunity to learn from other countries, create cooperations and exchange of knowledge.

The partners in the alliance have committed to gradually reduce the creation of electricity from coal and support clean energy in governmental and corporate policies. The alliance supports the reduction of the use of coal in the OECD counties by 2030 and in the whole world by 2050.

In recent years, Israel has taken substantial steps to reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions from energy, which have created a decrease of 25% in coal power productions in comparison to 2015.

Israel joining this initiative is an opportunity to continue to promote the government’s policy to reduce the use of coal for energy in order to decrease the air pollution and achieve the goal for greenhouse emissions that the country has committed to in the Paris Agreement.