Houston, Texas is home to many of the Oil and Gas industry’s conferences and exhibits. This week, NAPE is taking place, one of the biggest conferences in the field.

It was founded in 1993 by AAPL  (IPAA, SEG and AAPG joined since). It serves as a marketplace attracting oil and gas professionals from all scopes of the industry. The events includes an exhibit, global business conference, prospect previews, seminars and of course: networking opportunities.

This year, Dr. Michal Gardosh, Israel’s Chief Geologist, will be speaking at NAPE about Israel’s Oil and Gas Opportunities (come listen on Thursday, Feb 14th at 10:25am) and the Israeli Energy Ministry will have an exhibition booth (#1959) showcasing our new and improved bid round. Be sure to come visit us and hear what we have to offer.

Looking forward to seeing you there!