Israel opens Data Room in Houston, Texas

The Israeli Energy Ministry has launched a data room in their Energy and Economic Mission in Houston, Texas, based in the Galleria area.

The data room showcases 2-D and 3-D seismic data and other data relating to the offshore bid round, offering exploration licenses for natural gas and oil in Israel’s economic waters in the Eastern Mediterranean.

To support its oil and gas sector, Israel has opened an Energy Mission in Houston, Texas.  The Houston office enables a closer dialogue with international E&P companies.

Companies are encouraged to contact the Energy Mission to find out more about oil and gas in Israel and visit the data room.

Bid submissions are being received up to June 2019, with announcement of the bid winners taking place in July 2019.

Companies who are interested in participating in the bid round and submitting proposals will be requested to enroll in the bid process.  Detailed information on the bid round can be found on the Israeli Energy Ministry website: