9th Annual Israel Conference: Global Mobile & More (wrap-up)

On December 5, our office, together with Greenberg Traurig in NYC, hosted a delegation of Israeli mobile technology companies in Midtown Manhattan.

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In attendance was Alan McGlade, a technology and entrepreneurship contributor for Forbes magazine.  McGlade participated on an investment panel, and blogged in Forbes about the event. He seemed especially impressed with the relentless energy at which Israeli tech entrepreneurs were keeping pace with the local scene:

“It may be a small country but when it comes to technology start-ups, Israel looms large.The founders of a select group of Israeli start-ups, looking to establish themselves in the U.S. market, were given an opportunity to make their pitch…
It was readily apparent why these companies were highlighted. They all had articulate spokespeople with polished presentations, and companies that had selves in the U.S. market, were given an opportunity to make their pitch…

already gone through initial stages of development and proof of concept…

Whether they were born in Israel or the U.S., there always are multiple start-ups, and often several established companies, trying to solve the same problem…This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While it can be confounding for investors trying to place their bet, competition raises the bar and spurs innovation. If you are paying attention, you hear the fresh idea or technical advance that is breaking new ground. (”



We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia, who helped host the delegation on December 4, the day before the event in NYC. For the complete article from Forbes, please CLICK HERE.  For Hebrew coverage from Globes, please CLICK HERE.

For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.

For more information about mobile technology from Israel, please contact Oded at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.

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