MATIMOP News: Nano partnership in New York; Massachusetts call for proposals in Cleantech & Water

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New York-Israel R&D and Commercialization Partnership in Nanoscale Technologies


The Israeli Industry Center for R&D (MATIMOP), on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany, New York, and Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) jointly announce the launch of a new research and development (R&D) and commercialization partnership in nanoscale technologies.

The new initiative, which will be officially launched in January 2013, offers access to CNSE’s resources, services and know-how and enhances collaboration with US and international entities that operate within CNSE in the following fields:

· Sub systems, sensors and accessories for the nano-level cleanrooms.
· Simulation, modeling tools and methodologies.
· CMOS nano-level design tools, methods and testing.

*For additional details please refer to the attached. presentation.

According to the CNSE-MATIMOP implementation agreement, Israeli companies may qualify for financial support through the underlying OCS funding schemes.

MATIMOP and INNI will provide support and guidance in solidifying the R&D and commercialization activities at CNSE, and in providing partner matching assistance and an extensive overview of the various collaboration tracks and funding mechanisms available in the framework of this new program.

An Information Day, which will include pre-scheduled meetings with CNSE representatives, will be offered to the Israeli public in January 2013.

To express an interest in attending this workshop, please send us an email with your details to:

For additional information and assistance, please contact:
Mr. Rafi Koriat
Head of Industry and Academia Cooperation
Israel Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI)
Tel: +972-52-550-5757;

Ms. LironEldar
Program Manager, North American Desk
MATIMOP- Israeli Industry Center for R&D
Tel: +972-3-511-8155; Email:


Israel-Massachusetts 2nd Call for Proposals in the Field of Clean Energy; Focus on Water Solutions

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Center for R&D, on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, are pleased to offer a joint funding opportunity in the field of Clean Energy, with a focus on Water Solutions, for companies from Israel and Massachusetts. Potential applicants are invited to express interest in the program and initiate the partner matching process.
Eligible Participants: Industrial R&D Projects involving at least one Israeli R&D company and one Massachusetts based SME. Participation of research institutions/universities is welcome as subcontractors according to each jurisdiction’s funding regulations.
Request for Proposals – Structure: The submission and the approval process consist of two phases:
1) Phase 1: Joint Submission of a Bilateral Cooperation Form
Companies are required to submit a Phase I application titled “Bilateral Cooperation Form” specific to the Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership. The Phase I application should include a brief description of the proposed cooperative R&D project, expected outcomes, and the respective roles of each party. Prior consultation with the respective organizations (MATIMOP in Israel and MassCEC in Massachusetts) is strongly advised.
2) Phase 2: Submission of National Funding Application
MATIMOP/OCS and MassCEC will screen the Bilateral Forms and jointly decide which will be invited to submit a Full Proposal that includes the funding application.

Scope of Funding in Massachusetts:

MassCEC intends to provide grants under the terms presented below:

· Project Duration: Up to two years

· Maximum grant provided by MassCEC over a life of project: US$250,000

· Grant provided by MassCEC: MA company will contribute an equal or greater amount of funding for approved R&D expenditures to the project

Scope of Funding in Israel:

OCS intends to provide conditional grants under the terms presented below.

· Project Duration: Up to two years

· Maximum grant provided by OCS over a life of a project: 50% of eligible R&D costs + top ups, if relevant

· Minimum grant provided by OCS: 20% of eligible R&D costs + top ups, if relevant

 For further details, please contact the Program Manager:
Ms. Liron Eldar
Manager, North American Desk
Tel: +972-3-511-8155; Email: