Profiles in Israeli Innovation: Windward’s revolutionary satellite-based maritime analytics


Windward is an innovative Israeli privately-owned company developing analytical technology for the maritime domain. Windward’s groundbreaking system, MarInt, is the first satellite-based maritime analytics system, a comprehensive platform for maritime domain awareness, Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) monitoring, and fishery control. MarInt continuously monitors all maritime activities worldwide and alerts on potential events that occur, thereby providing complete situational awareness for its users.

The maritime domain is the source of a huge part of our gas, oil and food supplies. It is the transport highway of our commerce, and is the lifeline of our economies. Modern technologies make trade, oil & gas exploration and fishing truly global, thus widening the scope of interest of nations far beyond their maritime borders.


The era of information has allowed us a new perspective of our oceans. We can now see further than ever before and observe details which until a few years ago were considered far from reach. Governments and other authorities nowadays have access to an unprecedented amount of data on ship positions through commercial AIS and SAR satellites.

But seeing is just the beginning. The true challenge lays in the understanding and pinpointing of the anomalous, the interesting, the relevant. With millions of ship reports worldwide on a daily basis, so rises the need for complex analytical technology to accurately analyze the huge quantities of information gathered and to effectively extract from it meaningful, reliable and actionable insights. Such analytical capabilities are nothing less than a paradigm shift – no more looking only at the ships you know are there, but rather monitor the entire world all the time, and automatically detect anomalous vessels.

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