October-vest! WIN and MIW match Israeltech entrepreneurs with NYC investors

This month, two separate conferences took place in Manhattan that were specifically targeted at bringing Israeli innovation and ingenuity to New York’s own investment community.

IsraeliTech Made in NY by WIN

“OctoberVest” kicked off with a conference by the Worldwide Investor Network, an international technology and investment agency, called “IsraeliTech Made in NY.”   “IsraeliTech” featured three days (Oct. 1-3) of hardcore networking, round-tabling, switch-pitching and brainstorming, and attracted hundred of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors from around the world. The conference culminated with a “battlefield” at Morgan Stanley in Times Square, where the Israeli companies competed on stage in front of a panel of investors and an audience of more than 100 innovators and investors.



Coverage of the event in U.S. News &  World Report can be found here.


U.S.-Israel Business Technology Summit by MIW


On the morning of October 16, MIW, a technology and investment group from Israel headed by David Hava, held their own seminar in NYC. This event focused on mobile solutions and marketing technologies, and it was their second conference in midtown Manhattan since July, a delegation that had focused on cyber and IT security.  The U.S.-Israel Business Technology Summit was also sponsored by Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein, a domestic and international property law firm in NYC with years of experience working with Israeli  technology companies.


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