Israeli delegation spices up 25th Kosherfest with live ‘Israeli Brunch’ demo and new products

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This past October, Israeli food and wine exporters (and local importers) convened in New Jersey for the 25th annual Kosherfest exhibition. This year, dozens of Israeli products were on display, notable for their consistent novelty and quality. For this year’s show, to complement the “Taste Israel” Pavilion, our office partnered with the Israel Export Institute to showcase a live culinary demonstration featuring a professional chef working with Israeli products.


On Wednesday morning, from 10-11am, Chef Alison Gutwaks, Editor in Chief of the kosher culinary blog, woke up the Kosherfest audience by performing a scintillating demonstration in the on-site kitchen. Chef Alison’s demo, which was sponsored by the Israel Economic Mission and the Israel Export Institute, focused on preparing an authentic Israeli brunch using ingredients from Israel currently sold on shelves in the U.S. market. The menu included dips and spreads; couscous and cupcakes; savory shakshouka and refreshing mimosas.









Israeli Brunch Menu by Chef Ali

For photos of the Israeli brunch demonstration CLICK HERE.

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For the complete menu and recipes from the live demo, CLICK HERE. 




This year’s exhibition was extraordinarily crowded, with a record number of attendees recognizing the hot demand for kosher, ethnic products (and foods imported from Israel) in the local market. In the “Taste Israel” pavilion, there were some familiar faces, such as Prigat, Hod Golan, and Neviot (among others), as well as new and innovative products, such as Gourmet-To-Go, the total kosher solution for travelers. A complete list of companies and products from Israel that were exhibited in our pavilion can be found HERE.










CLICK HERE for more photos of the Taste Israel pavilion at Kosherfest 2013.

For more information about food and wine products from Israel, please contact Hanna at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.