Water delegation visits West Virginia

  • West Virginia Water Delegation

wvEarlier this year, a chemical leak in West Virginia resulted in an environmental disaster of historic proportions when 300,000 residents were left without clean water. Naturally, Israeli water experts rushed to the scene to study the situation on the ground and compare local responses and solutions to their own. It is no secret that both ecological and geo-political factors make water policy an issue of paramount importance for Israeli society. Therefore, since before 1948, Israelis have devoted themselves to toward bringing sustainable agriculture and a reliable water supply to what was formerly a desert region. Today, Israelis are recognized around the world as leaders in technology and methods of conservation, purification and recycling when it comes to water. Channel 13 News reports that Israel officials, including Water Authority Sr. VP Danny Lacker and Israeli commercial attache Nili Shalev visited Charleston to meet with local government representatives and the National Guard to discuss logistics and solutions that could help alleviate this crisis and prevent a future one. The delegation also visited water treatment facilities in the state. Read the full story HERE. For more information about water technologies from Israel, contact Rebecca at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.