120+ meetings at Israel #Retailtech 2014 in NYC

On May 29, 2014, 20 Israeli companies in the retail technology and e-commerce fields joined us in New York City to meet with leading brands, media houses, ad agencies and retailers from the U.S. and global markets.  We were hosted by our friends at Young & Rubicam (Y&R) at their stunning offices in Columbus Circle.

The Israeli companies hailed from a range of sub-sectors within retailtech and e-commerce, featuring solutions for location based services (LBS), mobile platforms, loyalty programs, and indoor navigation, among others.  The entire catalog of exhibiting Israeli companies can be found here. 

2014 Israel Retailtech delegation in NYC

In total, the Israelis sat for more than 120 one-on-one meetings with decision makers from the Americans’ marketing, technology and e-commerce teams.  As of this writing, meetings, introductions and follow-ups are still taking place, since demand for meetings from our Israeli and American attendees far exceeded the time constraints. The conference also gave our Israeli delegation an opportunity to meet with a variety of investors.

 Wrapping up the conference, guests were treated to an evening cocktail reception on Y&R’s 19th floor balcony featuring breathtaking views of Central Park, while they were served premier Israeli beer and wine graciously provided by our sponsors from Goldstar and Yarden.

The next event that we will be organizing in the advertising and retailtech space is an Israel delegation at the Adtech/ Consumer Engagement Expo in November 2014 in NYC.

For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.

For more information about Israeli retail technologies changing the way that we buy and sell everyday, contact Oded at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.