KPMG opens $100MM fund for #BigData startups (via TechMoran)


Israel is a hotbed of big data innovation, a country where scores of startups are waiting to change the big data landscape.  Could the next KPMG funded startup come from Israel?, discusses a new KPMG fund dedicated to Big Data startups around the world.  

After a KPMG survey found that an overwhelming 96 percent of top companies were not using data and analytics effectively, KPMG International decided to launch KPMG Capital, an investment fund to accelerate innovation in data and analytics (D&A).
The $100 million venture fund based in London will invest in big data startups globally to drive data and analytics uptake to solve critical business challenges in areas such as new revenue streams, risk management and cost optimization by unlocking ‘big data’. The formation of venture fund comes after the global accountancy and consultancy firm established an office at East London’s startup hub, Tech City.
According to Mark Toon, CEO of KPMG Capital and global lead for KPMG’s D&A practice, the firm’s new research shows that business leaders recognize the tremendous importance of D&A to business growth but feel they need more support to develop effective solutions.

“KPMG Capital will enable us to develop or acquire opportunities in D&A quickly. Through partnerships with technology and service providers, strategic partners and other third parties, we aim to accelerate innovation in D&A to bring potential solutions to clients – and to the market – faster.”  

KPMG Capital is set to help companies look at their data differently and turn it into value. It will invest in a number of critical business areas such as healthcare, financial services, energy and telecommunications. The funds will help the firms to make their business flexible, finance them for growth, help in regulation and compliance and improve workforce productivity and customer acquisition.

Apart from just investing in firms,  KPMG Capital will also partner with and or acquire organizations that specialize in data and analytics tools and assets.

“D&A is part of our heritage, but with the fast pace of technology and globalization, clients want deeper insight more quickly.  KPMG Capital’s structure will allow us the flexibility to commercialize solutions which our global network of professionals can use to help business leaders harness the right data, analyze it and translate it into value. This is a transformative step for the future of KPMG’s member firms as well as for clients’ businesses,” said Michael Andrew, Chairman of KPMG International.

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