Check out this classic Israeli winery…from 3,000 years ago! (via @Time)

A recent excavation in Israel turned up a winery from a 3600 year old Bronze Age Canaanite palace turned some interesting finds.  Michael D. Lemonick (@MLemonick) of TIME reports:

It’s hardly news that the ancients drank wine — the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all imbibed, as did pretty much any other civilization in which alcohol wasn’t prohibited for religious reasons. “We have written records,” says Brandeis University archaeologist Andrew Koh. “We’ve found jars marked ‘wine.’ We’ve found wine residues. It’s pictured everywhere.”

But you’d be wrong. “In the past,” says Koh, lead author of a paper describing the discovery in the latest issue of the journal PLOS One,“we wouldn’t have been able to say much more than ‘this is a bunch of containers that held wine.’”

Thanks to an unprecedentedly sophisticated analysis of the deposits inside those containers, however, Koh, who has a joint appointment in Brandeis’ Classical Studies and Chemistry Departments, along with two colleagues, can conclude much more, specifically that the wine was flavored with — deep breath, now — honey, storax resin, terebinth resin, cedar oil, cyperus, juniper and possibly mint, myrtle and cinnamon as well.  Read the whole article HERE.

If you were not already aware, Israel’s wine industry, already thousands of years old, has recently been gaining 21st century recognition for the quality and complexity of their more modern products.  Contact Hanna Kamionski at the Israel Economic Mission for more information on where you can find Israeli wines this season, or ask  your local retailer!