Buzz and acclaim for Israeli technology at #CES2015 in Las Vegas (wrap-up)


CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and truly lives up to its billing as “the global stage for innovation.” It is one of the largest technology shows in the world, drawing more than 140,000 visitors, and totally engulfs its host city of Las Vegas.

CES is one of the most anticipated global tech events on teh calendar.  Every year, dozens of Israeli companies come to the desert to exhibit their technologies and have meetings with investors, media, startups and tech giants.

This year, we had 13 Israeli companies exhibiting in our annual pavilion, organized by the Israel Export Institute.  The Israeli delegation included companies whose solutions spanned a wide array of sectors. There were solutions smart home, consumer devices, the Internet of Things, services, and a variety of technologies that are so early to market that their ultimate application is yet to be determined.

As expected, the pavilion generated quite a bit of buzz and interest. Our office in NYC helped arrange more than 60 quality meetings for the companies in our pavilion. In total, Israel Economic Missions from around the world made more than 500 meetings (50% pre-scheduled, 50% on the spot) with Israeli companies in our pavilion. Two of our companies won prizes, including Zuta Labs, a startup that has invented a portable printer that fits in your pocket.


The evening before the show, we organized a VIP dinner in Las Vegas, in addition to a reception attended by more than 150 people, each activity with a special focus on Israeli technologies and innovation. Attending these activities, and also joining us for meetings, were several leading companies with a global reach, including: Intel, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Honeywell, Sears, Mozilla, and Digitas, as well as other companies and media agencies.

For more information about Israeli  technologies at CES, contact Oded at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.