Profiles in Israeli Technology: Rightune uses music to increase online sales

Erez Perlmuter from righTune has developed a solution that uses data and technology to bring music to e-commerce websites.   Online shoppers on the website receive a personalized music experience, specifically geared to encourage them to linger on your site and purchase online.

Erez explains:

righTune inspires emotional engagement between brands and their audience by playing relevant, customized background music on websites and applications. The music creates a subtle, ubiquitous ambiance that adds a deep emotional dimension to a site’s content and directly impacts user behavior and increases staying time, loyalty and revenue.


In fact, righTune takes the widely-accepted concept of in-store music used and leverages it for the online world. We even take it one step further; while playing music, righTune patented technology tracks users behavior and engagement levels on the website. We use behavioral, machine learning algorithm that continually updates the music for new website’s users according to the actual business results. We use our own huge catalog to choose fresh, relevant playlists on an ongoing basis.

You can read more about righTune, and experience demos and downloads, at their website.   For more information, contact Erez Perlmuter directly.