NYC Restaurateur Jacques Capsouto exhibits his new Israeli wines. #LChaim!

Jacques Capsouto’s adventures in gastronomy and wine have taken him around the world.  Egypt, Israel, France and New York provided many languages and cultures that shaped his appreciation and palate for haute cuisine.  In the last few years, he fulfilled a lifelong dream by planting a vineyard in Israel’s Galilee.  Finally, he is bringing his new wines to New York, under the label Cotes de Galilee Village.

On July 17, Jacques visited the Israel Economic Mission in New York to show off his new wines, one a white and one a rose.  He sat down with our attache, Nili Shalev, and told the story of his personal connections to wine and Israel, and conducted a private, guided tasting.  Jacques’s tale was inspiring and gripping, telling the story of an optimistic young immigrant who found success in the United States, interweaving  threads of Jewish history, Sephardic heritage and passionate Zionism.  MORE PICS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

With the Autumn holidays just around the corner, Jacques Capsouto’s wines would be terrific addition to your family gathering.  Expertly crafted, kosher and delicious, Cotes de Galilee Village is the latest fine example of the stellar potential of the tastes and bounty of the Holy Land. L’ Chaim!  (More pics on our Facebook page)

For more information about wines and food from Israel, or for more information about where you can buy Jacques Capsouto’s wines, contact Hanna at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.