Second Annual Israeli Video Game Delegation visits NYC (wrap-up)

On August 6, a delegation of seven Israeli companies with solutions for the video gaming space stopped in New York on their way to Casual Connect in San Francisco. The purpose of their layover was to meet with investors, potential strategic partners and gamers who are based in the Big Apple.  The Israeli delegation provided solutions for developers, Big Data, mobile ad optimization, and other relevant technologies for the video game industry:

  1. Adience: A mobile audience management platform. We have developed a unique technology for audience clustering on mobile devices.
  2. Elite Chess League: Building a 100% all-digital eSports major league to play chess online and offline.
  3. Gingee: Enables writing one source code and deploy to all devices, with zero customization. Apps and games can be easily converted to all OS, mobile, HTML5, and Smart TVs.
  4. Kidoz: The number one kid and family solution for 40 top tier OEMs, carriers and brands who use KIDOZ to power their kid-dedicated products, or want to add a smart KID-MODE to all other devices.
  5. Optimove: The leading retention automation platform, used by over 150 customer-centric brands to drive their entire customer marketing operation. Optimove combines the art of marketing with the science of data to enable marketers to deliver highly-effective personalized customer marketing campaigns
  6. Planet of the Apps: A boutique games studio, located in the hills of Jerusalem. At Planet of the Apps, we bring to life original creative concepts and support them throughout their entire lifecycle, from ideation to post launch support.
  7. Playful Shark: The studio has created over 80 games, including 4 award-winning titles, for Web, Social Networks, Mobile platforms and Motion Controllers.
  8. Tactifsoft: An independent game development studio founded in 2006. The company’s first product, Battle Dawn, a mid-core web-based MMO game, generated over $3M and is still profitable today, having shown remarkable retention rates and ARPUs.  The second product, Super Mechs, a cross platform game, was launched on IOS in 2014 and has shown constant increase in user base and ARPUs, having crossed $1.5ARPU (as of May 2015) on iOS.

The delegation began its day at a morning conference hosted by Shiboleth, with an investor breakfast.  At the event, six different angel groups and VCs were represented, hearing pitches from the Israeli companies.  Over the course of the day, the companies also had meetings with important media companies in the gaming space, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Tilting Point, Rovio and others.

In the evening, IEMNYC teamed up with PlaycraftingNYC, New York’s largest gaming community, to host a demo night at Microsoft’s offices in Times Square.  The casual pizza party provided opportunity for demonstrations, pitches, networking and mingling.  After a long day of high-powered east coast meetings, the Playcrafting event sent the Israeli companies out to San Francisco in a more laid-back  California state-of-mind.

For more information about technologies and solutions for the video and social gaming industries, contact Erik at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.