Guestpost: Israeli #Wine Bonds on sale now; supporting farmers in the Galilee

(Guestpost by Devora Chaya March of Mynora Group)

The “wine bond” is more than an opportunity.  It is a completely novel way to directly support Israeli development and her vulnerable industries, specifically through the Galil Mountain Winery. Through the purchase of the bond, a buyer will secure a large supply of award-winning, quality Israeli wines at an amazing value, and will be able to receive direct delivery of the wine to their homes in the United States over a period of five years.

The Galil Mountain Winery is located in the upper Galilee Mountains adjacent to the Lebanese border.  Galil Mountain is owned in partnership by the world famous Golan Heights Winery (67%) and Kibbutz Yiron (33%). This joint venture was established in the year 2000. There are 6 vineyards in the elevated region, ranging from 420 meters and 800 meters above sea level.  Production of the winery is now 800,000 bottles annually.  Galil Mountain brings together the best of tradition and technology.

Galil Mountain is producing a wide variety of delicious and award-winning wines.  For example, the Alon wine transmits a strong, powerful character, connected to the soil of Northern Israel.  It is expressed through an intensive and impressive body, a strong purple red color, notes of blackberry and raspberry accompanied by aromas of earth, tobacco, and toasted oak.  The Alon wine was awarded gold in 2010,2011,and 2012.

The Ela wine, in turn, has a violet color, with an elegantly velvety and silky texture.  Ela displays characters of plum, red cherry and blueberry, accompanied by aromas of spice, mint, and bark.

The Galil Mountain Winery, and its cousin, Golan Heights Winery, are headed by Anat Levi, the only woman winery CEO in Israel.  Anat began her career at Golan Heights more than 16 years ago as the Marketing and Sales Manager.  Subsequently, she was appointed CEO of Yarden Inc., a U.S. based subsidiary of Golan Heights Winery.  Seven years ago Anat became CEO of Golan Heights Winery and recently begun serving as CEO to Galil Mountain Winery.  Anat is a proud mother of four children, two sons who served in combat units of the Israel Defense Forces and two daughters, one studying theater and the youngest in elementary school.

The visionary behind the bond is Arie Cohen, sole owner of Mynora Group.The Mynora Group is a privately owned Israeli company with offices in the United States. Its consulting division works with clients ranging from Israeli companies and government offices to hedge funds.  They also consult for American companies and investors that do business in Israel and other parts of the world.  Arie resides in Israel for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months he resides in Illinois.

For more information about the bond, Galil Mountain winery, and how to purchase, please contact Mynora Group directly:

  • Mr. Arie Cohen, Mynora Group
  • 1001 Greenbay Road, Suite 252
  • Winnetka, IL 60093
  • 312.213.3180