Philadelphia conference highlights NextGen technologies for 1st Responsders (wrap-up)

On January 25, we partnered with the BIRD Foundation and the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce to organize a conference for technology companies and integrators who are focused on bringing innovation to the world of first responders and security professionals.

The BIRD Foundation is a joint initiative of the U.S. and Israeli governments that provides matching funding for joint R&D projects between American and Israeli companies with commercial potential.  There are three main opportunities to apply for BIRD funding: Any project at-large; a “BIRD Energy” round, for cleantech projects; and a “1st Reponder’s” round, appropriate for projects addressing certain solutions for the HLS and public safety sectors. This event was organized a few months ahead of the “1st Reponders” round, in order to give U.S. companies and integrators a chance to network and meet with relevant Israeli counterparts, and to make matches.

The January event, hosted at the University City Science Center, featured more than a dozen Israeli companies with technologies for business continuity, cyber security and protecting and facilitating the work of first responders and emergency personnel.  There were also a number of local government agencies in attendance to meet with the Israeli and U.S. companies, including the City of Houston PD, the City of Philadelphia PD. U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center, and the World Trade Center of Delaware.  Other notable organizations in attendance included Walmart, SAP, Philadelphia Airport, Holt Logistics, ASIS, Comcast and BNY Mellon.

For more information about the BIRD Fund, contact Andrea Yonah, BIRD’s representative to the East Coast. 

For more info about the Philadelphia Israel Chamber of Commerce and their activities supporting commercial and technology cooperation between Greater Philly and Israel, contact Vered Nohi. 

For more info about Homeland Security and 1st Responder technologies from Israel, contact Josh at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.