Israeli pavilion at RSA 2017 Wrap-up

RSA, named for the eponymous company that organizes the show, is the largest and most important cyber security conference in the world, occurring annually in San Francisco.  RSA draws more than 40,000 people from all over the world, and takes over the city for an entire week.

This year, the Israeli innovation pavilion at RSA, organized by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Export Institute, included 50 companies from Startup Nation.   The Israel Economic Missions in the United States were led by our West Coast office in organizing meetings and driving traffic to the pavilion.  During the course of the event, Israeli companies in our pavilion had more than 150 meetings with relevant partners, investors and media from the East Coast, organized by the Economic Mission in NYC.  In addition to a parade of investors, security executives from Bank of America, Bloomberg News, IBM, B&H and others stopped at the pavilion to meet with Israeli companies.

In addition to the innovation pavilion at RSA, we also partnered with IEI to host a satellite event: An Israeli innovation showcase at the W Hotel in San Francisco. At the showcase, companies exhibited their solutions and held meetings (pre-arranged and on-the-spot) with potential clients, investors and media. The Economic Missions in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco all coordinated meetings for the event.

Feedback from the event was positive. The Israeli companies were very happy with the support, exposure and introductions they received from participating in the RSA activities.  Many of our Israeli companies were able to schedule follow-up meetings in the New York area based on their introductions and networking at RSA, and some of the collaboration opportunities discussed at the show on the West Coast are already being realized.

For more information about RSA and cyber innovation from Israel, contact Tor Tsuk at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.