Israeli Innovation at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando (wrap-up)

February 19-23, Orlando hosted the world’s largest Health IT conference and expo, HIMSS.  This year, HIMSS drew more than 40,000 people, including 24 Israeli companies in two technology pavilions, organized by CDI Negev and mHealth Israel.  

CDI Negev is a technology accelerator in the South of Israel, promoting the development of research and innovation in various fields, including smart cities, education and digital health.  CDI’s companies are developing everything from improved imaging solutions to medical devices and asset tracking.   

mHealth Israel is an association of Israeli healthtech companies helping bring Startup Nation innovation to the world.  At HIMSS, the mHealth Israel pavilion included ingenious medical devices making telehealth accessible, medication safer and data entry and collection more efficient.  mHealth Israel will also be bringing a technology delegation back to Orlando in April 2017 for Telehealth 2.0, an important telehealth technology conference.  

This year, the Israeli companies were supported by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the Israel Economic Missions of the “New World:” Rio, San Francisco, Chicago and NYC.  In all, the Economic Missions arranged more than 200 meetings for the Israeli companies in the run-up to the conference, and an additional 200+ on the floor of the exhibition.  

The complete list of companies exhibiting at HIMSS can be viewed HERE. 

For more information about Biomed, Life Sciences and Health IT solutions from Israel, contact Josh at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.