Israel Innovation Pavilion at MWC 2017 in Barcelona (wrap-up)

This year’s Mobile World Congress took place, as it does every year, in Barcelona.  And this year, as every year, the Israeli pavilion was among the biggest and hardest hitting attractions at the annual telecom show, which draws (according to some accounts) more than 100,000 to the Mediterranean coast.

At this year’s MWC, there were two Israel innovation pavilions. One by IMA including a delegation of more than a dozen companies, and one by the Israel Export Institute supported by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and Israel Economic Missions from around the world.  The IEI pavilion included more than 65 companies, making the Israeli pavilion, once again, a central stop for bleeding edge innovation for the thousands of investors, operators and integrators walking the floor of the show.

From  the East Coast of the United States, supported by the Israel Economic Mission in NYC, there were more than 100 pre-arranged meetings for the Israeli companies with leading technology and content providers.  Famous names from our region who stopped by included IBM, Nestle, Vonage, Toyota Tsusho, and the NBA.

Most of the Israeli companies we sampled agreed that the meetings they attended and connections they made in Barcelona were extremely useful in promoting their business activities, for both short term deals and long-term relationships.  And nearly all of them cited the support provided by the Israel Economic Missions as a critical factor in the level of success realized at MWC.

Mobile World Congress is a marquis event on the Israeli innovation calendar.  It covers many of Startup Nation’s sweetspots: digital health, cyber security, new media, fintech solutions, IT and other impactful verticals.  It is no wonder that every year, the Israeli pavilion is considered among “the best two-hours spent at MWC,” in the words of one telecom executive.  2018 in Barcelona will be even better.

For more information about mobile technology from Israel and the pavilion at MWC, contact Erik Blumberg at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.