Intel buys Mobileye for $15B: Five things we learned (by @LouKerner, via Medium)

Last week, iconic chipmaker Intel acquired Mobileye, an Israel based company that produces a collision avoidance system in cars, for a staggering $15 billion.  The deal sets a new bar for legendary Israeltech exits.  FlightVC’s Lou Kerner, who covers the Israeli startup market, shares his Five Implications for the Israel Tech Ecosystem of the Mobileye Deal on  Briefly, they are listed below:

  1. With a $15B deal, it shows how Israel can build big companies, and not just sell off small ones.
  2. It shows the innovation potential of Jersualem-based companies.  Up until now, the capital had been largely ignored by analysts in favor of other Israeli innovation clusters, such as Haifa, TLV and even Beersheva.  But Mobileye was born and raised in J-town.  What other innovation opportunities have been overlooked by investors and are waiting to  be discovered in the City of Gold?
  3. It provides a road map for investors in Israeli technology to make an impact in the automobile and transport spaces.
  4. It shows that Startup Nation is far from burning out.  It continues to churn out innovation at a furious pace to meet the needs of the world’s great companies and manufacturers.
  5.  It validates the programs and strategies of the Israeli public and private sector that have encouraged and supported entrepreneurship.  Expect the Mobileye deal to inspire further investment and incentives from the Israeli economy and foreign corporations to build more groundbreaking technology companies in Israel.


Fore more information about investing in groundbreaking technology from Israel, contact Erik Blumberg, Director of Investment at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.